The world's most powerful motor sport

At the North West Tractor Pulling Club we understand how exciting the world of tractor pulling can be. We also know that you might have some questions about how it all works, so we’ve compiled them here for easy reference.

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What type of engines are used in tractor pulling?

This varies depending on the classification of the vehicle. In many cases, discarded military machinery provides parts which then make a reappearance in tractor pulling competitions. However, agricultural engines are often modified to run on methanol, and use multi-stage turbocharging to generate the required horsepower.

When’s the next meeting of the North West Tractor Pulling Club?

Take a look at our Shows page for all upcoming events.

When does the event in Aug start ?

Timings for the European finals have yet to be confirmed please check back soon

Can i bring pets ?

Guide dogs are more than welcome we don’t recommend bringing pets as the loud noises that the machines make can cause distress.

How do i get to the event ?

Check out our directions page HERE

How do i get tickets ?

You can Buy tickets on line before the event HERE. Tickets are also available at the entrance on the day

Can i camp on site?

Yes you can for more details on prices click HERE

 If the event is canceled what happens?

The main reason we have to call of the event is if it rains hard .. sorry but there no refunds